3 Lung Cleansing Methods For Easy Breathing

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Lung cleansing is a good way to get back lost respiratory health from long years of smoking which have filled your lungs with tar and impurities that can cause many problems such as:

  • Coughing
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Increase chance of respiratory infections.
  • Increased chance of stroke
  • Increased chance of bronchitis
  • Highly increased chance of deadly lung cancers

Along with many more!

Some methods you can use to aid in doing a lung detox are:

  • Lung exercises – Changing your rate of breathing, breathing in and holding for a long time, breathing out as deeply as you can and many other lung exercises can be employed to strengthen the lungs and increase capacity while dislodging the tar and gunk that coats your lungs black is essential in cleaning your lungs.
  • Nutrition – A change of diet can help boost your natural immune system and put your body’s inbuilt detoxification processes into top gear to remove the impurities in your lungs and other parts quicker.
  • Tar removing vitamins – This is the big secret between a change in lifestyle as the other two points are and natural way to fast track your lungs to better health. The biggest problem with a smoker’s lungs is that the tar from cigarettes has stopped the toxin removing white blood cells called macrophages from accessing and cleaning the lungs. Tar is hard to get rid of and take several years or more to break down naturally. However this can be sped along to less than a year using some vitamins that have been proven to break up tar into more manageable chunks to be flushed from the body allowing the macrophages to do their work!

There is not a lot of research that supports the use of products that claim to cleanse the lungs. It’s best to prevent lung damage by avoiding smoking, pollution, and other lung irritants. Some lung cleanse products might actually make certain lung conditions worse, so be sure to speak to your doctor before trying any specific lung cleanse.

For better lung health, you will want to start with prevention and make healthy choices. For example, quitting smoking, getting regular exercise that is appropriate to your activity level, and eating a nutritious diet will all help your lungs. You should also speak to your doctor about other steps you can take to improve your lung health.

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